Going Outside the State for PR Services

9 Apr

It always feels a bit insulting when a major company goes outside the state for professional services.  I wonder if they even considered using an Idaho-based agency?   I don’t mind if they choose a national after interviewing within the state, but if they simply went outside first . . .   Of course, Shandwick may very well have an existing relationship with Blue Cross.


The Minneapolis-St. Paul office of Weber Shandwick has been tapped by Blue Cross of Idaho to help launch its new Web-based health and well-being program, Well Connected. The new program provides members with various personal health tools including a cost of care estimate, coverage advisor to compare plans and coverage, as well as an interactive personal health assessment tool that provides members with personalized recommendations on leading a healthier lifestyle. 

Weber Shandwick will develop targeted communication materials for Blue Cross’s key audiences to help promote the new program and drive participation among members and employers. The package of supporting materials includes an array of tools for salespeople and a program introduction kit for human resources personnel to help implement the program, which includes posters, brochures and best practices. 

“We’re proud to help Blue Cross of Idaho launch this important new initiative,” said Sara Gavin, president of Weber Shandwick’s Minneapolis-St. Paul office. “With the rising costs of health care, we strongly believe in the work that Blue Cross is doing to empower people to take charge of their health.”



One Response to “Going Outside the State for PR Services”

  1. Alicia April 10, 2008 at 1:39 pm #

    This kind of news is frustrating, but not surprising. And, while I agree that it would be nice for local companies to consider local talent, it is incumbent upon local talent to a) let themselves be known; and b) conduct themselves in a professional and sophisticated manner that builds confidence with the client and shows that they don’t need to go out of state (ie to the nationals) to get their needs met. This goes to the heart of the professional pride issue…..Idaho has the talent, expertise and capability..sometimes we are afraid to show it and brag about it. We need to get over that. The net result is, our expertise is devalued and money is leaving Idaho. I have had just about enough bemoaning that “the market won’t support higher rates.” I am pretty sure the local company named in this story IS, in fact, paying higher rates — to a company in Minneapolis.

    So, enough of the “woe is me” attitude, we need to buck up, step up, deliver good counsel and prove our worth. It’s really very straightforward.

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