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Get thee to the Press Club

22 Jul

Heads up on what could be a great panel discussion at the next Idaho Press Club meeting

Internet’s Impact on Television
By now, the hand-wringing over the Internet’s impact on print media is a familiar story. But what about the way the Internet is transforming local television news? Some Idaho stations are jumping wholeheartedly onto the Web, while others are taking more cautious steps. Could the Internet provide a level playing field for television and print mediums?

Together, the panelists and their moderator will provide what United Nations ambassadors refer to as “a frank exchange of views.” Be there to provide your own, to get that one burning question answered, or to find out just how your job will change as a result of the Internet’s influence.

When: August 14, 2008 5:30-7:30p.m.
Where: Beside Bardenay /612 Grove Street, Boise
Cost:  $5.00 per person/ No-host bar available

Take the jump to learn more about the panelists, including Mark Danielson of KIFI, Don Day of KTVB, Vickie Holbrook of the Idaho Press Tribune and Kevin Richert of the Statesman.

Kudos to the Press Club folks I’ve seen putting together some great meetings/panels/discussions/debates – Sydney Sallabanks, Patti Murphy, Don Day (and of course, the left-the-Valley Shea Anderson) I’ve been impressed the past year with the quality of discussion and the interesting topics the IPC has tackled. Keep it up and I’ll keep up with my membership :- )

Hope to see you there


The Dangerous Idea

21 Jul

When it comes to the profession of public relations—the business models, traditions and assumptions — what is the most dangerous idea? Dangerous ideas challenge popular conceptions and, if true, threaten to cause major shifts in what people do and how they think.

That’s the question posed by Kathy Cripps, President of the Council of Public Relations firms on the The Firm Voice today. It is an intriguing thought – prompted by the Council looking into the Dangerous Idea at it’s Critical Issues Forum in October.

One of the speakers, David D’Alessandro, former John Hancock CEO offered a taste of the discussion with this thought –  “It’s a dangerous idea to think that relationships don’t matter. It’s not about the ‘media of the day’ — which changes drastically every half-generation; it’s about counseling skills.”

Would love to hear the thoughts of the communication pros out there  – I’m mulling over my Dangerous Idea ad will share soon!


Professional Karma Part II – or Serendipitous Happenings

20 Jul

If my post from May 14 mated with the post from July 9 and June 4 –  the mash-up of professional karma, being your own media, and the power of serendipity would result in the week my O-so-creative business partner Steph Worrell had last week. Bear with me, but here is the convoluted story…

In her ode to all things O would appreciate,Steph had been blogging for a few months on a wide range of topics that are all held together by her witty humor writing and the common theme that these are things Oprah should know about.

Enter the fantastic HelpAReporterOut group that I’d been part of since the spring. (If you are reading this and don’t get the HARO emails – go there right now and sign up!)  A cloaked query from a journalist came thru the email in early July – asking for examples of Staycations. Since Steph had blogged on the very topic – she replied.

Turns out – the cloaked query was from the Wall Street Journal. Turns out – the reporter wanted to include her in the story – which was published last week with the title Postcards from the Hedge: Faking a Vacation from Home.

Well – the producers at Good Morning America apparently read the Journal for story ideas (who knew? ; – ) They called, asked for photos, did a phone interview, and on Friday the segment aired on ABC’s morning show (cute photos – but a bummer that they said they were from OHIO instead of IDAHO – our state gets no respect!)

Add to that – the Statesman adding OShouldKnow to their blogroll and blog source for their editorial pages and KTVB having Steph share some PR expertise for one of their stories on Baby Borrowers.

So, besides Steph using up her 15 minutes of fame and getting to brag about a week of being a media darling – what’s this entry about?

Basically – reminding you to seize those chances to showcase yourself, your personality, and your talents whenever the opportunity arises. It doesn’t all have to relate to what you preach about professionally, what you charge your hourly rates for, or a client you are promoting. What makes you, you is equally important when burnishing your reputation and raising your profile. It’s about showing your soul, your chutzpah, your voice; pumping up your chest and jumping into the fray to share your expertise or give an opinion (via blog commentary, twittering, or the traditional media route)

The burnishing of Idaho’s image will start with raising the profile of those who live, work and play here.

Sharing our voices, and proudly including where we hail from, will be the groundswell that raises our state’s stature. Talent lies within Idaho’s boundaries – and we’ll all benefit from the spotlight shining on each of us.