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Make the Jump – Wallflowers, Blog Measurement & Jargon

29 Sep

Round II of Links I’ve loved…

Shy Guy I often introduce myself as ‘the shyest PR person you’ll meet’ which is how I often feel. I’m sure some people think I’m mining for compliments – but it is not the case. If you are old enough to have seen/enjoyed Broadcast News you will get the gist of what I experience. Albert Brooks-like sweats & shakes when invited to speak on a panel or at a meeting of more than ten people. Hence the reason I was a producer – not a reporter – in my TV-life. And forget about the meeting/conference mingle-fest!

So, as I approach the date for speaking on a panel at a conference – I’ve been working on my unease. Loved this great guest post on Chris Brogan’s site 10 Tips To Help You Overcome Wallflower Syndrome by Mark Hayward.

Backing Up Blog Strategies – Still trying to convince your company or your clients that they should be blogging as a business strategy? Check out 21 Blogging Objectives + Measurements on BuzzGain. The debate continues on the ROI – but he provides some compelling points.

Corporate Jargon Game – In the ongoing battle against the press release (it’s dead, it’s alive, it’s a ‘social media release’, it’s completely useless, it’s wonderful) we all can admit there are some horrendous examples of the craft out there. So why not have some fun with it? In the Super-Fantastic Corporate Confusion Game. Kudos to Paul McKeon who runs the marketing and public-relations firm Content Factor for drawing attention to the ridiculous jargon that permeates many a corporate release.

– Jess

Meeting Reminders: Tech & Press

24 Sep

Quick reminder on two days of compelling speakers at two very different groups

First up – tonight’s Tech Boise monthly meeting – focused on Green (Geothermal & Wind Energy)

Wedneday, September 24th at the WaterCooler (14th and Idaho) at 5:30, two Boise based alternative energy companies presenting.
Exergy Development Group
– Wind Power
U.S. Geothermal Inc. – Geothermal

Let Tac Anderson know if you’ll be attending

Then – tomorrow night’s Idaho Press Club panel of journalists who covered the Duncan Trial which I blogged about a few weeks ago.

Small cost to attend the Press Club, Tech Boise is free. Both are worth your while. Besides the great topics, you’ll meet some fascinating folks from throughout the Treasure Valley for some inspiring conversation.

See you tonight or tomorrow!


Make the Jump – PR links of note…

22 Sep

A prolific blogger and early adopter I admire – Tac Anderson of Highway 12/HP/TechBoise/NewCommBiz – has a great weekly blog entry titled Random Thoughts where he posts links and short thoughts on items of note he wants to alert readers to from the past week.

Since ‘borrowing’ is the sincerest form of flattery – I figured I would adapt the concept to a weekly/Monday entry I’ll call ‘Make the Jump’.

Every day through my Google Reader, Twitter links or FriendFeed I find articles and observations of the communications world that make me geek out. This will be my venue to share the love to inspire conversations around your watercooler, on your blog, or perhaps just in your own head. Here goes…

Bnet‘ Catching Flack has been the source of two of my favorite posts this week

PR Takes the Fall for Telling the Truth. Catchy headline, but I think it strays from the real point of the story. Telling the truth was never the issue. Truth is paramount whether you are a journalist or PR professional. In this case the ‘fall’ was because of timing, who was in charge of getting out the message, and the decision between ‘doing no harm’ and feeding a public and media hungry for information. I’ll be blogging on this issue tomorrow.

Think like a headline writer. That’s the goal of the entry with tips on writing better subject lines. This feeds into the common admission that news release blasts just won’t do it anymore (that’s been true for years) – the best way is targeted, customized communication. And remember the technology is changing. Keep in mind the growing number of people reading emails on PDA’s and cell phones.

Leveraging PR in a Down Market Whole-heartedly agree with this entry from the EngagePR Blog – reminds me of the quote someone passed along on Twitter on what to say to clients who want to cut Marketing Communications because business is slow “Great idea, that’s like saying we’ll wait till the fire is hot and roaring before throwing more wood on it.”  Remember to avoid treating PR as a one-off event or campaign…just like Social Media…PR is a process. “Focusing PR efforts on news events like product announcements usually yields few results, except for new companies debuting truly unique products. Companies are generally better off spending their resources on establishing thought leadership and driving trends in the blogosphere and technology media.”

And finally, my favorite new find in the new media realm. Since I’ve spent hours uploading various client and personal videos to all the online video outlets – TubeMogul looks to be a lifesaver and a great tool for tracking analytics.

– Jess