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Things We Love: Round II of the Street Circus of Creativity

24 Aug

“Crazy, fun, weird, appalling, an interesting befuddlement ” are words that are used when describing the Boise Curb Cup.  Last year, I helped prepare for and kick off the inaugural Boise Curb Cup as an intern (Red Sky was on board for pro bono PR support) , never expecting a quirky and fun idea to evolve into massive talent-pool phenomena.  Curb Cup was so entertaining that I’m helping out again this year. If you’ve never experienced the Boise Curb Cup, let me try to fit an explanation of something so fantastical into a small paragraph.

The Boise Curb Cup brings all aspects of Boise’s society together and demonstrates that Boise is truly a diverse and culturally accepting community. Walking up and down the streets of Boise Curb Cup you can feel the energy of the performers and their acts. Whether it is children performing karate to Michael Jackson’s Thriller (last year’s winners!), pet owners showing off amazing animal tricks or burlesque dancers sashaying for the crowd, there is no lack of passion in each performance. Boise Curb Cup is truly an experience that will leave a lasting impact not only on the performers, but the curious street strollers as well.

Don’t think you have a talent to share? No problem, you can still play an integral part in the Boise Curb Cup. You have the power to vote for the winner. Tokens will be given out at “Curb Cup” stations downtown. Place a token in the performer’s “bucket” and the performer with the most tokens wins the grand prize of $1000!

Photos courtesy Skyler Simmons, Daniel Bertrand, Seth Lemmons

What better place to bring the family than beautiful downtown Boise on a lovely summer’s day? It’s an opportunity for you, family and friends to experience the true magnificence and talent the people of Boise possess. It doesn’t hurt that the event is also free of charge!

So gather your family, friends and a fully charged camera on August 29th from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.  Who knows, maybe you will be inspired to strut your stuff at the 2011 Boise Curb Cup.

See you there, Curb Cuppers!

– Gloria Miller

Make the Jump: iPad Apps for On The Go Communicators

15 Aug

It has been just about two months since I swallowed some more of the Apple beverage and snagged myself the latest bright shiny object. And while I’ve engaged in quite a bit of show-n-tell, along with justifying my purchase to a handful of doubters, I’ve been slowly integrating the tool into my daily life. While we haven’t engaged it for client purposes as much as I had hoped (besides utilizing it for some intimate presentations), I’ve found it extremely useful to help organize, integrate and streamline portions of my life. This round of Make the Jump is a run through of the iPad apps I’m finding the most useful for communicators on the go.

Evernote: I’m almost embarrassed to include this one. How have I lived without this capture platform until now? Who cares, it’s now living happily on my Mac, iPhone and iPad and serving a purpose on all three. Keeping my thoughts, musings, ideas, inspirations, images, campaign strategies, and sanity connected. A simple brand statement ‘Remember Everything’ is dead on. From notetaking in meetings to web clipping to travel plans and program outlines. While I love the pen and paper, I lost too many good ideas on notepads and sticky notes strewn about. No more.

Instapaper: These next two links will show that while I enjoy the online and virtual, my brain still craves the familiar of the static page and the page flip. Every day I come across full articles/posts/columns that upon a quick skim are intriguing. But if I followed my interest down every rabbit hole that opens I’d never move forward. Instead, I click ‘Read Later’ on my bookmark bar and it turns the web pages into articles I can read later – syncing between my laptop and iPad.

FlipBoard: The newest hot app (well, at least earlier this month), it’s your personalized social magazine. One of those, see-it-to-believe-its, it also allows me to browse, make the jump and absorb at my leisure in an appealing format that is visually stunning and super-skimmable.

Readdle Docs: I was adamant that my iPad not become just another laptop. So I don’t have my work email loaded onto it. Instead, I use Evernote and document management system Readdle Docs or DropBox to load, store and edit documents.

And for sanity? I’ve turned my iPad into my yoga and meditation studio. A take-it-on-the-road-or-to-the-office Zen platform. There are a lot of life improvement apps out there – but I’m really loving Relax&Rest and Pocket Yoga.

– Jess