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3 Words

4 Jan

I often share with folks with my concept of sherpas. Finding those people whose opinions, insights and path you respect. They are out in front cutting trail and you can take their path and be part of their journey – learning and growing along the way.

I consider Chris Brogan one of my sherpas – (along with Tac Anderson, who I affectionately think of as ‘The Original Sherpa.’ Heck, that would make a great t-shirt!)

Do I always agree with the insights these two share or the path they are going down? No. But they always get me thinking, force me to revaluate my position, my opinions and develop stronger strategies and insights of my own.

Case in point – I really enjoyed the concept of 3 Words that Chris shared last week…“I come up with three words that I use as guidance for how I should conduct my efforts in the year to come. I set goals around these three words. I build deadlines and projects around these words…”

I have trouble setting resolutions. They’ve never really sat right with me. But I love a good mantra. And I love ‘3’s. 3 words? I can get behind that, stick to that and be inspired and focused through that. Per Chris’ guidance on coming up with your 3…

“Pick three words that help you the way a lighthouse helps a ship in a storm. Give yourself a word that guides you towards a powerful new opportunity, and that keeps you focused on what comes of this year. Use these words as starting points for tangible goals, SMART goals that can be measured and have dates to accomplish tasks by. These words sit above the actual goals, and set your guiding principles in place.”

Here are my 3 Words for 2011

Bones. Breath. Reach.

Bones – because this is a year where I need to really get the bones of the house in order, the infrastructure, the stability upon which to continue to build our agency. Growth has been good and good to us. Unstructured and unsupported growth would not be.

Breath – because besides needing to stop holding my breathe all the dang time I need to remember to take a breath first. Before I react, before I interrupt, before I dismiss an idea, before I say yes, before I say no.

Reach – because this year I need to extend my reach. Reach beyond the comfort zones of the groups and connections I have made to date. Expand my reach in my industry, expand the reach of my voice, reach for new opportunities.

– Jess Flynn

Make the Jump: MotrinMoms Backlash, Top 10 List du jour, Don’t be a Jerk

17 Nov

Just finishing up listening to a great teleseminar from the minds of @PRSarahEvans, @PitchEngine (Love the PitchEngine platform and if you are a PR pro and haven’t checked it out go do it now!), and @skydiver (Another one – HARO – free national media queries. Good for karma and for your clients!)

Motrin Moms Are Mad The hot topic of the night – and the weekend for that matter – has been the backlash around the MotrinMoms campaign. I’m not a mom – so admittedly I didn’t really understand the anger over the campaign. But what I did get immediately was that the campaign was built and targeted at those ubiquitous Mommy Bloggers – who didn’t like the campaign at all. So they twittered about it and blogged about it and this weekend it blew up. As of an hour ago – the MotrinMoms campaign was taken off the web. We’re still waiting to hear the corporate response. But as Peter Shankman of HARP noted, ‘‘Social media is just offering the ability to screw up much quicker to a much wider audience.” The good communicators realize that and use those same tools to respond – not sit back and watch the hurricane come ashore.

10 Best Tools Do you know how much I love Top 3, 5 or 10 lists!? As our opportunities to connect globally in a split-second increases exponentially  – the stress of figuring out what to ‘listen’ to and just how to engage gets increasingly difficult. I rely on my friends – both the Boise early adopters from the Twitter and TechBoise crowd – and my virtual friends I follow nationally on Twitter and LinkedIn – to guide me.

Sarah Evans is one of those peers whom I admire (and follow on Twitter and subscribe to her blog) and her post on  10 of the Best Social Media Tools for PR Pros and Journalists is a keeper that you should check out.  On behalf of clients – ranging from a Fortune 50 to a local start-up non-profit – I use the first two religiously.

How Not to be a Jerk on Facebook – Another guru whose thoughts I admire? Chris Brogan. You should love him too based on this headline. It’s a great article – and I would love to send it personally to some of the people spamming me this week on FB. New toys are fun. We all get excited when we finally grasp them. And as we try out the toys in this grand new toy box we’ll make mistakes along the way. But remember when you think about using the toys – just because you can – doesn’t mean you should 😉

My favorite takeaway comment from tonight’s teleseminar (via Peter Shankman) ‘The three words you need to remember with the convergence of social media & PR – transparency – relevance – brevity.’

Looking forward to Monday’s PRSAIdaho meeting with CEO Jeff Julin. Hope to see you there!

– Jess

Make the Jump – Wallflowers, Blog Measurement & Jargon

29 Sep

Round II of Links I’ve loved…

Shy Guy I often introduce myself as ‘the shyest PR person you’ll meet’ which is how I often feel. I’m sure some people think I’m mining for compliments – but it is not the case. If you are old enough to have seen/enjoyed Broadcast News you will get the gist of what I experience. Albert Brooks-like sweats & shakes when invited to speak on a panel or at a meeting of more than ten people. Hence the reason I was a producer – not a reporter – in my TV-life. And forget about the meeting/conference mingle-fest!

So, as I approach the date for speaking on a panel at a conference – I’ve been working on my unease. Loved this great guest post on Chris Brogan’s site 10 Tips To Help You Overcome Wallflower Syndrome by Mark Hayward.

Backing Up Blog Strategies – Still trying to convince your company or your clients that they should be blogging as a business strategy? Check out 21 Blogging Objectives + Measurements on BuzzGain. The debate continues on the ROI – but he provides some compelling points.

Corporate Jargon Game – In the ongoing battle against the press release (it’s dead, it’s alive, it’s a ‘social media release’, it’s completely useless, it’s wonderful) we all can admit there are some horrendous examples of the craft out there. So why not have some fun with it? In the Super-Fantastic Corporate Confusion Game. Kudos to Paul McKeon who runs the marketing and public-relations firm Content Factor for drawing attention to the ridiculous jargon that permeates many a corporate release.

– Jess