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3 Words

4 Jan

I often share with folks with my concept of sherpas. Finding those people whose opinions, insights and path you respect. They are out in front cutting trail and you can take their path and be part of their journey – learning and growing along the way.

I consider Chris Brogan one of my sherpas – (along with Tac Anderson, who I affectionately think of as ‘The Original Sherpa.’ Heck, that would make a great t-shirt!)

Do I always agree with the insights these two share or the path they are going down? No. But they always get me thinking, force me to revaluate my position, my opinions and develop stronger strategies and insights of my own.

Case in point – I really enjoyed the concept of 3 Words that Chris shared last week…“I come up with three words that I use as guidance for how I should conduct my efforts in the year to come. I set goals around these three words. I build deadlines and projects around these words…”

I have trouble setting resolutions. They’ve never really sat right with me. But I love a good mantra. And I love ‘3’s. 3 words? I can get behind that, stick to that and be inspired and focused through that. Per Chris’ guidance on coming up with your 3…

“Pick three words that help you the way a lighthouse helps a ship in a storm. Give yourself a word that guides you towards a powerful new opportunity, and that keeps you focused on what comes of this year. Use these words as starting points for tangible goals, SMART goals that can be measured and have dates to accomplish tasks by. These words sit above the actual goals, and set your guiding principles in place.”

Here are my 3 Words for 2011

Bones. Breath. Reach.

Bones – because this is a year where I need to really get the bones of the house in order, the infrastructure, the stability upon which to continue to build our agency. Growth has been good and good to us. Unstructured and unsupported growth would not be.

Breath – because besides needing to stop holding my breathe all the dang time I need to remember to take a breath first. Before I react, before I interrupt, before I dismiss an idea, before I say yes, before I say no.

Reach – because this year I need to extend my reach. Reach beyond the comfort zones of the groups and connections I have made to date. Expand my reach in my industry, expand the reach of my voice, reach for new opportunities.

– Jess Flynn

Make the Jump: Aggregate Love, Organize Thyself, Goodbyes & Hellos

22 Apr

My Twitter favorites and del.icio.us bookmarks are filling up, so that must mean it is time for a Make The Jump post!

I love sites that aggregate, through block-and-tackle research or through a wiki. Thanks for taking the time to pull together the lists, data and info I look for! Not saying I’m lazy – but with the plethora of information in the world swirling about and changing daily we can all use some help pulling it together. Two of my favorite aggregator sites of late:

Muck Rack’s Journalists on Twitter page. A lot of sites are popping up to provide the ultimate list of this group or that group on Twitter. This is my favorite so far because it organizes journo-twits via organization (and with logos for those who like visuals). And, in another great feature, shows the twitter-stream from the journos of that news organization. Pretty slick. Thanks @julierose78 for sharing the link!

(Think I’ve also mentioned the wiki Media on Twitter from the minds of @prsarahevans @skydiver @briansolis @melissahourigan and @edunigan)

Twibs helps you find businesses on Twitter

And for those interested in what is your electeds and tax-supported agencies are doing on Twitter – check out one of the many sites with listings – the GovTwit Directory site and TwitterStream

Organizing Your World

Contrary to the subheading – this is not about the ubiquitous moleskin 😉 Although I do feel that owning one, or two or three helps drive creativity!

This is about all of the places your personality, business, and/or aura lives online. How do you keep them all updated and relevant? Better yet, how do you keep yourself sane? I get the question a lot about how to maintain/update/utilize the various social networks I belong to. The reality is – I don’t belong to that many – but it can be overwhelming. So, my advice is to dip your toes in, try what is out there, discard what doesn’t work, keep looking for what works for YOU. Because every situation is unique, what works for me (TweetDeck, Feedly, iGoogle, Friendfeed) may not work for you. And just because I’m using them now – doesn’t mean I will be tomorrow. Needs change, and so should our tools.

Entrepreneur had a great piece on ‘Managing Your Social Networks’, full admitting “An aggregation tool that will let you manage all your sites seamlessly is still a ways away. Developers are still defining what a social media aggregator should do because people use social sites in different ways…” Even so, the article lists some great apps that have come on the scene that are helping people get a handle on their networks.

Sidenote: Have you seen the new format for PitchEngine? If not, go check it out. And if you are in PR and haven’t given PitchEngine a whirl – go do it! Kudos to Jason Kintzler for a great SMR platform and for constantly reworking it and improving on it every time.

Goodbye & Hello

If the brave new world of communication has taught us anything, it is that leaders can arise and gain a following and respect for their voice not only in their physical location but on a global platform. As I shared with Tim Walker at Hoovers.com, I truly believe – “...the beauty of social media is that, unlike other networking, there are no geographic boundaries. We are all on a virtual level playing field where my thoughts and opinions hold the same weight as those [of someone] in a larger city. It is about the quality of the conversation — not the size of the population… the world is now without borders. ”

Case in point – Tac Anderson, a good friend and leader in Idaho who is moving on to a new opportunity at Waggener Edstrom‘s Studio D in Seattle. For years Tac has been at the forefront of business and social media, working most recently at HP, and a cornerstone of the tech and entrepreneur community in Idaho through his TechBoise site and work at Highway12 Ventures as Entrepreneur in Residence.

Besides being one of the sharpest people many of us will ever know, Tac is able to combine those rare qualities of an early adopter with an approachable evangelist. Someone who points the way towards great finds, new ways of doing business, and opportunities to raise our level of conversation and interaction – but he does it in a way that doesn’t alienate/intimidate/put off those of us running at a slightly slower pace 🙂

So while this is goodbye to my favorite pizza lunch buddy, and a true leader in our community, it is hello to the new paths he will blaze and discoveries he will make (and hopefully share!) in his new role. Highly recommend a follow if you don’t already!

– Jess

MeetUps of Note – TechBoise & Idaho PRSA

28 Oct

If you have room on your calendar, some dates to save to broaden your knowledge of Boise’s tech industry and to engage in conversations about the role of Corporate PR.

First up – tomorrow’s meeting of TechBoise at the newly opened VengaWorks in Meridian (the launch pad for business!), featuring VengaWorks VP Andrew Piron, VengaWorks Resident – R2EV CEO Alex LivingstonCradlePoint Technology‘s Director of Marketing Don Bush, and TechBoise founder Tac Anderson with his thoughts on the state of tech in the Valley.

Wednesday, October 29th at 6:30pm at VengaWorks in Meridian. 943 Overland Road (853-2424)
There is a Facebook page set up to RSVP.

Then on November 17, Idaho’s PRSA chapter holds its quarterly lunch-time meeting titled Protecting Your Organization and Reputation Through the Truth, featuring the National PRSA President Jeff Julian.
The details from PRSA:

A great myth in business is that most Public Relations professionals lie, spin, or distort information to influence others. The truth is, many PR people are accredited professionals and/or are members of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). The PRSA Code of Ethics does not stand for anything less than the truth and the highest ethical standards in the practice of Public Relations. Please join PRSA National Chapter President Jeff Julian as he guides us through a discussion about some very real and sensitive challenges related to getting to and then telling the truth. During this session we will explore:
– The pitfalls of becoming a blind spokesperson (someone who simply delivers information)
– How to discover the truth
– Go to more than one source
– Ask the right questions
– How to get others to the truth
– Clients and management
– How to protect the truth
– Recovery from relaying false information as a result of being wrongly informed
– What to do when important information has been omitted
– How to find common ground between PR and Legal Depts. 
Meeting Monday, Nov 17 from 11:45 a.m.-1:15 p.m. at the Owyhee Plaza
RSVP by Nov. 12 to Robbie Johnson, Rjohnson@achd.ada.id.us, 208.387.6228

In light of numerous recent occurrences… it should be a dynamic and insightful discussion.

Look forward to seeing you at either meeting!